Salads or sandwiches?

HOW should you stack your food-to-go shelves? Two recent reports give different suggestions.


Food-to-go packaging manufacturer Planglow says sandwiches are 30 times more popular than salad.  The firm says just 2.8% of grab-and-go choices are salads and 31% are filled French sticks. And it says 18% of sandwiches and wraps are now made to order.

But supermarket giant Tesco, quoting Nielsen figures, says that while the sandwich market grew by 5% in the last year, demand for leafy salad is up by 13% and sales of lighter, healthy salads have grown by 19%.

Tesco salad buyer Helen Dwyer said: “The quality and range of ready-to-eat salads has improved so much in recent years that they are attracting shoppers who might otherwise have bought a sandwich, roll or wrap.” She added that while salad has traditionally sold better in summer, demand is now sustained through the year.