Explosive growth

IT’S made in Scotland and sold across the globe.An investment deal that launched new Scots energy drink Dynamite has led to significant distribution successes in South Africa and other global regions.


Dynamite is now selling 2.2m cans worldwide each month, and growing.

Garvies’ managing director Nasir ‘Nish’ Hamid has set up deals that have seen Dynamite hit the shelves across South Africa, Singapore, Morocco, Nigeria, the UAE, and Pakistan with more countries on the way.

He said: “The results that we have achieved have really proved the sustainability of our business. That has been down to investment in distribution and a confidence to explore the potential of new markets that has served to enlarge our global reach. It’s also testament to our hard-working team.

“We are ambitious for the product and want to be number one, but that will take time because we believe in truly delivering a top quality product at a competitive price point.”