New directions

Convenience retailing in Scotland has gone through major changes.

Today’s c-stores are increasingly designed to offer shoppers the chance to buy all the home-based and on-the-go products they need and to provide key services that help customers run busy 21st-century lives.

Many have to go head to head with retail giants who are building their own huge c-store chains. And they all have to deal with consumer expectations that are much higher than before.

And there’s another change, many of the biggest players who built substantial businesses in independent c-store retailing in Scotland in previous decades are no longer active in the industry.

So, are there new retailers coming through to lead the industry – in product and service delivery, in independent retail branding and communication, in imaginative use of new technology, in community activity?

Today we start our New Generation series. We’ll be asking leading modern Scottish c-store retailers, from all across the country, about how they see the business and about key issues of the day.

It’s SG’s New Generation – the people who will be shaping the business now and for years to come.

We’re looking for new generation retailers and new ideas all across Scotland. If you’d like to take part we’d love to hear from you. Just contact John on 0141 567 6032


New Generation

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