Time for 500s and multis

Hot weather increases sales of soft drinks … it’s official, says CBL Drinks.

Sales and marketing director Maurice Newton said: “Studies have shown that the soft drinks market increases by 1% year after year for every 1°C above the average temperature.

075_CBL Perfectly Clear 500ml 6-Pack Strawberry

“Hotter weather often results in consumers moving away from carbonated soft drinks in favour of still drinks and water, and when the temperature soars, consumers tend to choose more soft drinks over beer and cider.”

He said that larger bottles are less popular in summer as it is more difficult to keep a large bottle cool and sales of 500ml bottles increase.

He said: “Consumers look for multipacks for storage in their fridge. With this in mind, Perfectly Clear recently introduced a six-bottle multipack in both its strawberry and lemon & lime flavour variants.”