Lucozade summer price-marks push runs across more lines

SUMMER 2015 could be a season of new-look cocktails for stores and shoppers alike as cocktail ingredients brand Funkin introduces new packaging across its expanding range of cocktail mixers, fruit purées and syrups.

064_Fxunkin 100ml BELLINI transparent

The packaging will roll out across the portfolio in the coming months as part of a unified new look.

A new logo sits on a navy blue background and the brand’s signature red splash has changed to a swirl designed to represent a top-down view of a filled cocktail glass.

The brand owner says the new look received consumer approval during a survey that found 95% of respondents said the package effectively communicates how to use Funkin.

Each cocktail mixer gives instructions for consumers to make their favourite cocktails in three steps.

On the 750ml packs, consumers can choose from a selection of popular cocktails and find serving tips. On the 1-litre packs, customers can find tips on how best to serve popular cocktails including a Mojito, Strawberry Daiquiri and Piña Colada .