Litre option for low-sugar juice line

072_Refresco Umbongo light 1 litreJuice and juice drinks supplier Refresco Gerber has been stressing the work it has been carrying out recently in reducing sugar content and calorie counts in a number of its products.

And ahead of the important summer season it has released, under its Um Bongo brand, a 1-litre no-added-sugar juice drink, sweetened with sucralose as an alternative to sugar.

The new line contains 18 calories per 200ml – in a bid to address concerns about the high sugar content of some children’s drinks. A 200ml low-sugar version of Um Bongo is already available.

“Soft drinks manufacturers need to look at reducing sugar in drinks, actively promote drinks which contain nutrients and no added sugar, encourage consumers to follow a healthy lifestyle, and monitor portion sizes,” a spokesperson said.

“PMPs should be offered on healthier soft drinks to encourage sales.”