Is mango the new coconut?

Sunpride Mango Juice

World foods have shown sales growth in the UK for some time. Is there now also a growing market for world drinks?
According to Refresco Gerber, Mango juice is growing 22% year on year and coconut water is now a mainstream flavour and recorded 102% growth in 2014.
And it says its Sunpride brand of juice drinks has one of the widest ranges of flavours in the UK.
A spokesperson said: “Mango is one of Sunpride’s biggest selling exotic flavours as well as an ingredient in one of our biggest selling drinks – Tropical – which is growing 11% year on year in both one-litre and 250ml formats.
“Sunpride price reduction promotions are designed to drive sales of tropical and mango flavours and are centred around key ethnic events, such as Ramadan and Diwali.
“Sales of Sunpride during Diwali last year increased by 7% year on year across mango and tropical.”