Business agent heads into ninth decade

IT was time for a party last month when Christie + Co, the business property agency, celebrated the 80th anniversary of the day in 1935 when the company was founded by George Christie, James Owen and Nick Davies.
Now the firm operates out of 16 UK and 14 international offices.
Christie + Co chairman David Rugg, said he was “incredibly proud” of the work the company had done.
“We have shown adaptability in the face of changing market cycles and identified and reacted to gaps in the market, for example founding our own finance and insurance associate companies at a time when intermediary provision in our specialist sectors, of any quality, was virtually non-existent.
“We have made stock auditing and inventory solutions available to our clients. We have a fantastic heritage and the future looks exciting.”
Brian Sheldon, regional director of Christie + Co said the property market had changed dramatically and that had led the firm to develop many new services over the years. He said the attractiveness of retail and leisure businesses remains high.
“We continue to see new independent entrants in our markets, many focusing on lifestyle purchases in pubs and restaurants, hotels and convenience retail,” he said.