TV toad to tempt teen shoppers

VimtoTEENS and their parents are the target of a nationwide campaign to promote Vimto’s no-added-sugar squashes and ready-to-drink range.
Rolling out from June, the TV ad will feature the animated character the company calls Vimtoad.
Brand manager Vicky Marsden said: “The cheeky lovable Vimtoad has already helped the £69.1m brand achieve 7% year-on-year growth and outperform the category.
“The strong growth demonstrates the success of the Vimtoad campaign to encourage more teens and their mums to buy Vimto, so it’s vital that retailers stock enough of these growing formats, particularly across no-added-sugar ranges, to meet demand on the back of this new summer campaign.”
As well as appearances on TV, Vimto will also feature the Vimtoad character in video on demand and a social media campaign which will include a chance for consumers to win prizes.