Carlsberg Export squares up

QUOTING blind tasting research results, Carlsberg has launched a direct assault on one of its major rival premium strength lagers.

It says that in blind taste tests in 2013 69% of participants who expressed a preference preferred the taste of bottled Carlsberg Export to Stella Artois. It’s highlighting the claim on billboards across the country.

Carlsberg Export - Billboard 2[1]

Director of brand and insight David Scott said: “The taste test graphically illustrates how well Carlsberg Export performs against its nearest competitor brand and in a category that can sometimes see default purchasing we wanted to seize this opportunity to remind drinkers that this premium pilsner is a great-tasting product.

“While Export has always been a key pillar of our family of brands this research offers a fantastic opportunity to celebrate Export, throwing a spotlight on its taste.”

A second phase of the £14m campaign will be launched in June.