Five for Happy snackers

WHOLESALER Booker has added five price-marked crisp and snack products to its Happy Shopper range.

Booker Happy Shopper snacks

Three new grab bags include Burger Bites, Salt & Vinegar Twirls, and Sour Cream & Onion Wheels, all price-marked at  59p or ‘2 for £1’ which the firm says delivers 41% for retailers when sold as a single or 30% as part of the multi-buy deal.

Two variety packs are price-marked at £1 for seven packets and deliver 30% POR.  One variety pack includes three bags of ready salted crisps, plus two of cheese & onion and two  of salt & vinegar crisps. The other contains three bags of cheese puffs, plus two of onion rings, and two of bacon rashers.