Vapour tales

JAC Vapour

JAC Vapour, a predominantly online-based e-cigarette company, has shared the results of a survey of the preferred flavours of over 3,000 of its customers.
The results showed 36% prefer tobacco flavours, 26% menthol, 22% fruity and 14% sweet, with savoury and alcohol flavours both claiming 1%.
Communications director Emma Logan said: “Tobacco and menthol are most popular and this reflects the flavour profiles of smokers. However, once the senses of taste and smell return the longer a user vapes and no longer smokes, then a vaper shall look to try sweeter or fruitier flavours as their taste preferences change.
“E-cigarettes are not a like-for-like replacement for tobacco cigarettes, they are electronic goods. There is an education curve for both c-store owners and customers. C-store owners should receive training on the products they sell, to be able to advise and support customers to ensure customer retention.”
JAC Vapour