Hotting up

MARS says last year’s warm summer contributed to a 21% increase in sales of its ice cream products.

But it also stresses the importance of new product development and brand recognition, taste, value and price for consumers considering purchasing ice cream. The firm says it has six of the top 10 chocolate brands in ice cream and that in 2014 it saw growth of 28% for Mars Ice Cream and 33% for Snickers Ice Cream.


Trade communications manager Bep Dhaliwal said: “Convenience and value for money have continued to be a key focus for shoppers.

“Mars has seen a significant increase in sales due to the launch of the Mars and Snickers Mini Ice Creams, which in their first year added £1.8m to the Mars and Snickers brands.

“Following this success Mars went on to introduce Variety Mix Minis last year.

“This year we have introduced Galaxy Vanilla with an RSP of 75p.”

The firm has also launched Bounty Bar Ice Cream. Last month it introduced a new recipe for Twix Ice Cream and Maltesers Ice Cream is being rebranded as Teasers Ice Cream.

 uper-premium tubs account for 32% of all take-home ice cream sales in convenience outlets according to R&R.

Head of UK marketing at R&R ice cream Charlotte Hambling said: “The super premium tub market is worth £13.4m and is being driven by the treat occasion.

“R&R have a strong offering in this sector through the Mondelez 480ml tubs which will be price-marked at £3 within convenience in 2015.

“The new Cadbury Dairy Milk Marvellous Ice Creams range has been designed as a 500ml sharing tub.

“The indulgent stick category is expected to offer a great opportunity for retailers this summer.”