Fresh campaign to protect teeth at Easter

GLAXOSMITHKLINE has unveiled a new Easter campaign for its Aquafresh toothpaste brand, encouraging families to remember to look after their teeth while enjoying the season’s chocolate treats.

The new campaign, which debuted on 16 March, is supported by a 30 second TV advert, iVideo and digital content promoting the importance of protecting your teeth against sugar.

Captain Aquafresh, the brand’s mascot, takes on a chocolate bunny in the advert and reassures parents that the whole family can tuck into their favourite Easter sweets and chocolate, as long as they do it sensibly.

“We know parents want to do what’s best for the whole family when it comes to their health and teeth, but they shouldn’t have to say goodbye to sweets, treats and Easter eggs during the Easter holiday,” said Aquafresh spokesperson Carolyn Mayne. “With our new campaign, Captain Aquafresh will show families how the right product can help defend teeth against sugar so that family Easter traditions can continue.”