The dark side

Screen Shot 2015-02-27 at 14.36.44MADAGASCAN bean-to-bar chocolate company Madecasse has extended its range with a new 100% Cocoa variant.

The new bar is a blend of pure ancient Criollo, Amelonado and Trinitario cocoa varieties and is available in a 75g format with an RRP of between £2.99-£3.29. 

Brett Beach, co-founder and co-CEO of Madecasse said: “Consumer demand and excitement for high cocoa content bars and unique cocoa varieties has continued to increase with more and more approaching chocolate in a similar way to that of wine. Cocoa varieties, blends, quality and provenance have become integral to consumers so we are confident this latest launch will be a big hit.”

• Farmer-owned chocolate company Divine Chocolate, has introduced a 40g Caramel Dark Chocolate bar to its range.

Divine Dark Choc Caramel Bar Feb 15

Launched around Fairtrade Fortnight, the new bar follows the two latest additions to Divine’s 100g range, 70% Dark Chocolate with Mango and Coconut and 38% Milk Chocolate with Whole Almonds.

Sales director Jean-Paul Pelaez said: “We are really pleased with our new Dark Caramel bar which follows the success of the Milk Caramel bar we launched recently. Using the same rich, buttery caramel that is completely palm oil free, we have come up with a delicious alternative that dark chocolate lovers will really enjoy.”

Easter Scottish bean-to-bar chocolate maker iQ Chocolate has launched a new limited-edition superfood chocolate bar in time for Easter.

Made from organic, dark, Peruvian cocoa, the spring-themed take on the brand’s original bean-to-bar is said to contain over 20 health benefits.

iQ Chocolate co-founder and client services director, Jane Shandley, said: “At a time of year when chocolate is in demand, it’s great that we can offer a product that’s different for the Easter chocolate market; something that not only satisfies the craving for cacao, but is good for you.”