Specialist plans the chiller

WHO are the keenest purchasers of chilled yogurts and desserts and how should c-stores and small supermarkets range their CYD stock?

Last year Yoplait, using its own consumer decision hierarchy research and figures from Kantar Worldpanel, said shopper decision-making in the category can be separated broadly into family use and more specific adult consumption. The first group then splits further into children’s products, desserts, family yogurts, and branded low-fat lines. The second splits into: functional lines (which include special diet, small organic, and big pots and natural yogurt); health yogurt drinks; and Activia and creamy.

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Some 73% of the respondents said
they usually plan to buy CYD before
they arrive in store and 41% have a specific product in mind when they do buy it.

Most CYD products are consumed during breakfast, lunch or dinner, with only relatively small numbers used as snacks or at tea time.

A Yoplait spokesperson said its research and analysis suggested that in the CYD category convenience stores would gain by: grouping together products that are more likely to be purchased on impulse; and grouping together products that are likely to be bought by an individual shopper.

Its layout recommendations are shown in the diagram.