Skittles gets the blues

WRIGLEY has introduced blue to its rainbow of Skittles colours.

Intended, says the firm, to excite consumers and achieve new sales, the new variant appears in limited-edition ‘Once In A Blue Moon’ packs in both 55g single bag and 175g sharing pouch packs.

Skittles Blue Moon Feb 15

The launch is supported by social media and the ‘touch’ television ad campaign which will run until December, as part of a multi-million pound investment for 2015.

Tony Lorman, Wrigley European confections business unit director, said: “Skittles is performing phenomenally well, enjoying a double-digit annual growth rate for the fourth year running. We’re determined to continue this growth and drive excitement amongst new and existing consumers alike.

“Blue is the only colour in the rainbow that is not a permanent member of the Skittles fruit family and the introduction of this limited-edition pack will enable consumers to truly ‘taste the rainbow’ and provide additional sales.”