Pick the right sites to double sales

Yazoo Yogurt Smoothie Mango & Pineapple 750ml fYAZOO reckons that thanks in part to more than 60 new products being launched last year, more shoppers are picking up milk drinks than ever before.

To cash in, convenience stores should offer affordable milk drinks and consider promotional deals, it suggests.

A spokesperson said: “Offering great in-store experience helps to differentiate convenience stores from large grocery multiples.

“This can be achieved by offering clear segmentation.

“By siting flavoured milks in both front of store and in the dairy chiller to meet different shopper missions convenience retailers should expect to see sales more than double.

“Yazoo holds the top three positions of the top-selling milk drinks within independent convenience and its biggest seller, the 475ml bottle, is also available in £1 price-marked packs.

“Consumers are comfortable with a price-marked pack.

“Giving the retailer an easy to implement, on-shelf merchandising solution, they provide consumers with the reassurance
of a quality brand at a value for money price.”

Yazoo launched a 330ml pack for its yogurt smoothie drinks at the start of 2015.

The spokesperson said: “The yogurt smoothies have achieved 56% volume market share since launching in September 2014. The 330ml size will fill a market gap as a single-serve alternative for those on the go, with an RSP £1.49.”