Life beyond the cracker

FOLLOWING what its brand owner says was significant success in its marketing work over Christmas, Primula is to continue encouraging its buyers to use its spreadable cheeses in new ways in 2015.

Paul Lewney, managing director of Kavli UK which owns the brand, said: “We updated our marketing and sales strategy and used consumer magazines to encourage different usage of Primula.

“We wanted people to look beyond the cracker and from research we learned that people had great ideas for recipes.

Primula brand owner Kavli has been busy promoting the soft cheese as a cooking ingredient. The Primula website includes a major section of recipes and meal ideas, kids cooking ideas and a recipe of the month.

“We put some of those ideas on to Facebook and had good feedback.

“The result was that over Christmas we had a 12% growth in sales and 16% increase in household penetration compared to the same period a year earlier.”

With consumers continuing to submit recipe ideas and photographs, Primula intends to continue promoting varied usage in magazines this year.

It is also about to extend its portfolio with the launch of a range of dipping cheese products.

Lewney said: “These are cheeses that are heated in the microwave and can be used for things like pouring over nachos or as a dipping sauce.

“It’s a nice easy solution and takes cheese to a slightly different usage opportunity.

“It is something new to the market and should be able
to  capture the consumer’s imagination.”

Price-marked packs on Primula launched in spring last  year had done well, especially in c-stores, Lewney said.

“Our price-marked packs worked well in convenience. We launched a £1.59 pack across all flavours and they showed a 10% year-on-year growth over un-priced packs.”

Kavli also has a number of limited editions and new flavours planned for Primula later in the year in tubs and in tubes.

Kavli acquired St Helen’s Farm in July 2013 and Lewney reported success for the goats milk and cheese operation.

It produces cheese, butter, cream and yogurt all from English goat’s milk.

He said: “It is the market leader in goat’s milk with over 60% brand share and is showing good growth, especially in butter and yog


He added that with plans to double sales in the next 10 years, Kavli UK is expecting to buy other companies too.

He said: “We are looking to grow organically and with acquisitions.

“We will continue to look for further added value businesses.

“Our primary focus will be in dairy but we will be keeping our eyes open if other opportunities arise.”