Instant favourite available on the go

PORRIDGE isn’t just for breakfast, it’s for all day long.

That’s the claim from Hamlyns of Scotland as it works to build on the launch of its Instant Porridge lines.

Managing director Alan Meikle said: “For many Scots, porridge isn’t just a breakfast food, but a healthy snack that can be eaten at any time of the day.”

Hamlyns single porridge pot

Instant porridge is available in pots and sachets in Original, Golden Syrup and Mixed Berry varieties.

Meikle recommends that retailers don’t only display Hamlyns convenience products in the cereal aisle.

He said: “Many retailers are displaying our porridge pots beside sandwiches and drinks to appeal to customers who are looking for a healthy alternative to sandwiches at lunchtime.

“The prevalence of porridge in sandwich shops is evidence of this appeal.

“Where stores have a coffee machine with the option of just dispensing hot water we also recommend stocking our pots close to the machine, giving consumers the option of preparing their hot instant porridge before they leave the store. They can just pop the plastic lid back on for a few minutes before they enjoy it on the go.”