Quick kit designed for modern life

Colman’s Meal Kits

COLMAN’S has created three meal kits which it says will allow consumers to make tasty meals in 30 minutes.
Offering a choice of Chicken Risotto, Chicken Tagine or Chicken Curry, Colman’s Meal Kits are, says the firm, designed to meet increasing demand for quick and easy dish-based cuisine.
Brand manager Joanna Wright said: “We are seeing a trend towards scratch cooking, with consumers wanting to have more involvement in the cooking process.
“However, at the same time, consumers are spending less time in the kitchen – just 34 minutes on average.
“Colman’s Meal Kits offers a tasty meal solution that fits into everyday family life.”
The meal kits have an RRP of £2.49. The launch will be supported with a £1.1m campaign.