Beautiful big four aim for c-stores

John Logue, customer marketing manager, Chilli Marketing.
John Logue, customer marketing manager, Chilli Marketing.

JOHN Logue, customer marketing manager with Chilli Marketing, which handles Swedish flavoured cider range Rekorderlig, said some of the biggest news
on the brand in the coming year will be its work in c-stores.
“In Scotland in the last few years we’ve concentrated on making sure that we had some great strongholds in cities like Glasgow, Edinburgh and Aberdeen. The pub scene has been great for us,” he said.
“The big story this year is that the convenience sector is growing faster than grocery. We’ve tripled our sales force and have other resources in the channel to make sure people who have fallen in love with our liquid in the on-trade can find it in the shops.
“And we’ve looked at our pack formats. This year we have a 330ml four-pack and we have a 10-pack of cans as well as our 500ml single-serve bottles.
“In the next few months you’re going to see us activate more and more.”
Rekorderlig uses its catchline “Beautifully Swedish” as a benchmark for everything it does, and has established its status as a leading flavoured cider range and a premium product that can command a higher price than others, he said.
This year will see siginificant work especially on what he described as the company’s “big four core flavours”, which include: Strawberry & Lime, its biggest seller; Mixed Berries; Passionfruit, which he said is drier and can appeal more to some male drinkers; and Mango & Raspberry.
Six out of 10 people buying cider buy apple cider so retailers should stock apple lines and a premium apple line, he said.
But one in four now buys flavours, so flavours should also be stocked and Rekorderlig provides a premium range will a well-established consumer base, he argued.