Hollywood star spreads the message

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HOLLYWOOD star Ashton Kutcher features in the latest TV ad for Wrigley’s Extra.
Part of a year-long £15m campaign, the ad sees Kutcher out to impress on a date only to be unexpectedly interrupted by what’s described as a  deranged pizza that has overstayed its welcome.
Sue Cobbledick, Wrigley Oral Care marketing manager said: “Ashton has a terrific sense of humour and is the perfect choice to help us deliver the oral care message in a fun, light-hearted way.”
Kutcher said: “The ad has got a great message .
“We can’t always brush our teeth after every meal and snack, but it’s easy to chew gum instead to get rid of the food that lingers a little too long around the teeth. Just make sure it’s sugarfree.”
The 20-second ad was shot in Los Angeles and will be shown globally except for North America.