More to meat


WHILE bags of crisps, nuts and similar products may still account for the largest share of the snacks market, Kerry Foods reckons there’s increasing demand for meat snacks.
The firm has expanded its chilled meat ranges to include more snack lines, such as Mattessons Fridge Raiders and Mattessons Double Dippers.
“Research demonstrates that 43% of consumers are interested in buying products that are higher in protein,” claimed Kerry Foods customer marketing controller Richard Tyler.
“However, there is clearly great scope for further growth.”
• According to Nielsen figures quoted by Unilever, meat snacks, or what Unilever calls “handheld” meat products are currently worth over £100m and have grown by 6.8% in the last year. Peperami is the UK’s biggest-selling meat snack brand, worth over £48m and taking 47% of category sales, it says.
The firm suggests retailers should stock Peperami Minis as well as the new Peperami Double Crunch Peanuts.