Sour taste of success


NEW product developments in the Chewits range of sweets are often designed to leave a sour taste … and that’s exactly how it should be, according to brand owner Cloetta.

The firm says Chewits is achieving 28% year-on-year growth, making it the fastest growing brand in the chew category.
Children are the main consumers but not all children want the same thing. It seems that youngsters’ tastes change as they grow older.
“Our Xtreme products attract an older audience (11-14 year-olds) in comparison to our Chewits stick packs which are favoured by a younger demographic (5-10 year-olds),” said trade marketing manager Bev Rushbrook.
Interest from older children in sour products means products like Chewits Xtreme Sour Apple and Tutti Frutti are performing well.
The company expects the growth to continue, and so has launched an additional flavour – Pineapple.
“We see Xtreme Sour Pineapple as a perfect extension of the Xtreme Sour portfolio,” said Rushbrook. “Pineapple is a popular flavour with younger consumers and naturally has a citrus zing, which translates into a sour really well. It certainly lives up to the Xtreme taste promise. “
This Christmas sees the return of the Chewits selection box and Chewits Chewbs.
The selection box contains a selection of eight full-size chewy stickpacks, including top-selling Strawberry, Fruit Salad and Chewits Xtreme variants.
The Chewits Chewb is designed to make a good stocking filler and is shaped like a cracker, containing two Strawberry and two Xtreme Sour Apple stickpacks.