Lambrini Heats up as Castaway makes comeback


HALEWOOD International has launched an on-pack offer for its Lambrini brand in association with Heat magazine.

Aimed at the brand’s 21-34 year old female target audience, the offer will run on almost 750,000 bottles in total, across 75cl Lambrini Original, Strawberry, Cherry and Peach flavours. The bottles feature promotional labels which include a code that can be used to claim a free copy of Heat between 15 September this year and 27 February, 2015.
Michelle Raworth, brand manager for Lambrini, said: “Our latest on-pack offer will reward Lambrini fans with a free copy of Heat magazine per household, and will ensure the brand remains front-of-mind with consumers throughout the autumn.
“The promotion capitalises on the trend of the big night in and forms part of a partnership with Heat magazine to be implemented across all of the publication’s media channels, comprising TV, radio and online.”
• INTERNATIONAL Wine Services has announced the return of Castaway Spritz, the lightly sparkling wine blended with fruit flavours, last seen in the 1990s.
The company said growing demand for fruit-flavoured wines is growing.
“We’re right on the cusp of a fruit flavour surge in the wine sector,” said Angela Ham, marketing manager at IWS. “Having injected growth into the beer and cider sectors, the fruit flavour trend is on the verge of doing the same for wine, creating the ideal opportunity for reintroducing Castaway Spritz into the market.
“We’ve done our very best to keep all of the things the original Castaway was loved for – the refreshing fruity taste and the brand’s light and vibrant personality – while evolving the product with a new 75cl bottle format and 8% ABV to best meet the needs of today’s consumers and shoppers.”