Hovis’ new marketing dawn


BREAD producer Hovis is looking to a vodka marketing legend to revitalise its marketing efforts.

The firm has formed a partnership with Philip Gladman, pictured above, former marketing and innovation director of Diageo Africa, in a deal it says is designed “to jump start the company’s marketing agenda and deliver breakthrough innovation opportunities”.
It says Gladman has been credited with reinvigorating the Smirnoff brand globally and will bring with him “a marketing and innovation team with expertise and capability to boost the Hovis brand and enable the company to rapidly expand within the £4bn bakery category”.
Hovis has rekindled its partnership with the Royal British Legion this year to help raise £100,000. The company will be donating 10p for every purchase of its recently launched Seed Sensations Soft Granary Batch loaves, pictured below, to the 2014 Royal British Poppy Appeal.