Sweet and sour and very chilled


MULLER Dairy is bringing sweet and sour to the chilled dessert aisle with the latest addition to its Cadbury twin pots range.

Banana Sour Fudge, the new line in the Marvellous Mix Ups Range, twins Cadbury milk chocolate dessert with a side of milk chocolate-coated butter candy, banana flavour candied fudge pieces and raspberry flavour sour candy balls.
“Consumers continue to crave creative and innovative ideas within chilled desserts,” said Michael Inpong, Müller Dairy’s director of marketing and R&D.
“Banana Sour Fudge is a brand new flavour like nothing we’ve launched before, and this innovative point of difference is sure to make it a big hit.”
The new pots will be sold as singles with an RRP of 79p.
Also arriving this month is Cadbury Pebbles Twin Pot, a chilled makeover of the Cadbury Pebbles confectionery range, pairing Cadbury milk chocolate dessert with a side of Cadbury milk chocolate pieces, coated with a crispy shell.
Cadbury desserts had sales of over £55m with the twin pot range worth over £27m according to Nielsen.