Keep taking the tablets

Brands giant says sweets business is show business

Ritz crackers and Lu biscuits are the latest products to get the Cadbury Dairy Milk treatment.

SUCCESS in confectionery is all about showcasing core products with a great display, according to major chocolate, sweets and biscuits brand owner Mondelez International.

Susan Nash, the firm’s trade communications manager has a straightforward message – in such an impulsive sector, “the stronger the display, the stronger the sales”.
She said: “To make the most of chocolate sales, convenience retailers should consider the visibility and availability of popular, core brands such as Cadbury Dairy Milk, Wispa and Twirl.
“The primary confectionery display should be in a high-traffic area of the store and feature all confectionery occasions including self-eat, sharing and gifting.”
Nash claims that Mondelez keeps the confectionery category fresh with regular launches and product tweaks.
“Innovation is key to driving growth in the confectionery market and, as the number one confectionery player in the UK, Mondelez International is focused on bringing fantastic innovation to the market,” she said. “Over the last year, Mondelez International has invested heavily in NPD in chocolate confectionery and has brought a number of new products to market.
“Wholesalers should take advantage of the innovation in the marketplace, especially from the market leaders who invest in research, development, technology and marketing to shape the next generation of innovation.”
Cross-category mix-ups lead its new developments as the company works to combine its best-known brands in new ways. New 35g countlines include Cadbury Dairy Milk Lu, featuring its Lu sweet biscuit and Cadbury Dairy Milk Ritz which combines chocolate with Ritz savoury crackers, which Mondelez says is a response to what it sees as a developing tend to mix salty and sweet flavours in individual products.
Chips Ahoy follows its developments with Cadbury Dairy Milk and Oreo and Daim and teams Cadbury Dairy Milk with another of its US biscuit brands. The new 120g block blends the American chocolate chip cookie, Chips Ahoy, which Mondelez says is the number one Chocolate Chip cookie in the world with sales worth $816m, with the classic Cadbury line.
The Cadbury Dairy Milk Oreo tablet was joined by a 41g countline version in August. Mondelez says the large size is already “hugely successful” – worth £19.4m and the third-best-selling Cadbury Dairy Milk tablet in GB according to Kantar figures.