Sugar agenda boosts Coco


COCONUT water has benefitted from the demand for a sports drink that does not contain sugar, according to Giles Brook, CEO of coconut water supplier Vita Coco Europe.

“In the last eight weeks, since the anti-sugar media really gathered momentum, we’ve seen base rates increase by 21% against our normal index levels. This is definitely down to the ‘sugar effect’ with more consumers choosing Vita Coco as a healthier alternative,” Brook said.
“Vita Coco offers consumers a great tasting, refreshing, lower sugar choice over conventional, sugar-laden juices, smoothies, energy and sports drinks.
“It’s great to see other manufacturers respond, launching new lower- sugar alternatives, but I suspect there will be much industry pressure for all manufacturers in sports drinks and wider soft drinks to lower sugar in core ranges, not just through offering reduced-sugar alternatives. ”
Vita Coco predicts 200% growth this year for its Vita Coco Cafe brand, which combines coconut water with coffee.
Brook said: “These ready-to-drink Caffe Latte and Caffe Mocha options combine the nutritional benefits of Vita Coco 100% Natural Coconut Water with the natural energy kick from espresso coffee, making this a great natural energy booster for the demands of everyday life.
“We’ve led the creation of a new category in coconut water. Vita Coco Cafe combines the two fastest-growing categories in drinks. We’re excited about this new sector.”