Nurishment smells the coffee


MILK-based drinks provide the latest way to recover after exercise according to Nurishment Active, a high-protein milk drink specially formulated to help people recover after sports and other physical activities.

Nurishment Active contains 35g of protein per pack, plus a blend of 22 vitamins and minerals. It is targeted at people who exercise hard, work out or play sports, as an aid to post-exercise recovery.
“People also now recognise the benefit of milk as a rehydration solution as it’s a natural provider of water, sugar and electrolytes,” said Nyree Chambers, head of marketing for Grace Foods UK which distributes Nurishment.
“Milk-based drinks such as Nurishment Active, with its added vitamins, minerals and protein, are set to generate considerable sales uplift in the sports and energy nutrition category.”
The company has just added a new flavour, Mocha, to its Nurishment Original range. Chambers says the combination of coffee and chocolate will appeal to brand loyalists and attract new consumers.