Lunch munch chance

CHEESE presents a huge lunchtime snacking opportunity for convenience retailers, argues Bel UK, which produces Mini Babybel, The Laughing Cow and Leerdammer.

Mini BabybelThe company says that the “emotional context” of the purchase makes brands “incredibly important” for snacking and lunchtime.
Steve Gregory, head of category management at Bel explained: “Parents want to build a lunchbox that they know their kids will enjoy, while adults see cheese snacks as a treat. Both audiences therefore often seek the reassurance of well-known brands.”
Bel identifies three successful snacking formats for the convenience channel: Mini Babybel, strings and dips.
While children are key, adult snacking is also a growing opportunity for cheese brands, with 80% of adult snackers buying Mini Babybel according to Kantar. Gregory said: “Convenience retailers can benefit from stocking a variety of flavours and formats to create additional interest in the snacks and spreads segment.”