Enter the spiders


FIRST there were spirit beers. Now there are spirit ciders – or “spiders” – to grab the attention of trend-conscious young drinkers.
SHS Drinks’ first spider is Orwell’s, a new 5.5% ABV amaretto-flavoured cider.

The company claims that the drink “fuses together two of the best-performing (according to Nielsen and MAT research) and most popular categories among 18-30 year-old drinkers: flavoured cider and spirits.
“Orwell’s introduces an adventurous and unexpected blend of alcohol flavours to the newly emerging spider category. SHS Drinks estimates this category will be worth £50m by 2018.”
Orwell’s comes in 330ml brown glass bottles. Suggested price is £1.89. The off-trade launch will include shelf-barkers and posters. Advertising, sponsorships and promotions are planned for later in the year as part of a phased roll-out for the new brand.