Spirits need to chill out to sell more

Russian Standard
Whyte & Mackay, which markets Russian Standard, suggests putting vodka in the chiller.

SPIRITS can benefit from a summer uplift, with customers picking up fractional-sized bottles and cocktail ingredients on their way to parties and barbecues. And chilling could be the key to boosting spirit sales in the warmer months.
That’s the word from Whyte & Mackay, which markets Russian Standard vodka.
Quoting Headroom Convenience Consumer Research from last year, a company spokesperson said: “A large proportion of consumers purchase spirits and mixers en-route to a party or a barbecue in the summer and our research has shown that of those surveyed 54% welcomed the idea of buying chilled spirits in a convenience store.
“In addition, 44% said that staff recommendations help them when deciding which spirit to choose, which means that staff training should be important to retailers.”