Camel takes on a new curve

JTI has launched three limited-edition packs for its cigarette brand Camel.

90c_0614_RThe special designs are available through June and July on the brand’s King Size 20s packs.
The firm says the limited-edition packs give a series of modern looks, with three art-inspired designs – Arches, Steps and Boardwalk – on the Camel logo and also on the curved edges of the packs.
Jeremy Blackburn, JTI head of communications, said: “Camel offers retailers the opportunity to make generous profit margins and with the premium segment accounting for almost 19.9% of the RMC tobacco market, these three limited-edition Camel packs are a must-stock for tobacco retailers.
“With over 100 years of heritage, Camel is one of JTI’s most creative brands and has inspired innovations throughout its history, most recently with the world’s first and only curve pack in 2012.”
JTI says Camel currently sells almost 6m packs a year and achieved £39.1m retail sales last year.