Value – even from a distance

PRICE-marked bottles of spirits are particularly useful for convenience stores, which will often have them on display behind the counter.
Whyte & MackayThey allow the consumer to see the price of products at a glance and can resolve the common problem of shelf-edge price labels being obscured by the counter, says Whyte & Mackay,
The firm says price-marked bottles of blended whisky are growing and now take 6% of the market.
Price-marked vodka accounts for nearly a fifth (19%) of all vodka sold in convenience stores. Although the category as a whole is relatively flat, the PMP segment is growing fast, it says. But it doesn’t recommend using round-pound prices.
“Consumers tend to associate round pounds with lower-cost products and therefore it is assumed that pricing spirits at £13.99, for example, increases the perceived value of the product,” the firm said.