Tea giant says strike while the top-up is hot

SPECIALIST teas might be showing decent sales growth but tea giant Tetley says retailers shouldn’t lose sight of the facts that everyday black tea still accounts for 95% of sales and that tea is an especially important product in top-up shopping – topping up on the weekly shop is generally considered the most frequent consumer shopping mission carried out in c-stores.
The firm stresses that c-stores should carry stock of the biggest mainstream tea brands and should ensure they’re listing the best pack sizes and styles.
Small packs of tea bags such as 40s and 80s are big sellers for independent stores, the firm says.
It has a strike-through, price-marked pack available of Tetley Original 80s, showing not only the £2 price but also a reduction from £2.45 and says it’s the only tea company to offer a strike-through priced pack.
It reckons it allows retailers to highlight good value, complete with price reduction, on an everyday purchase.