Mixing it up in singles fashion

FANS of Twix – the chocolate, biscuit and caramel combination from Mars Chocolate – found they had a new way to take their pleasure earlier this year when the firm introduced its bite-sized version Twix Mix in a single-serve sized bag.
The new size was launched at the end of February. Each 37g bag of Twix Mix contains a mix of caramel and crunchy biscuit balls, covered in Mars milk chocolate.
Mars Chocolate said the new line was designed to attract new consumers to the Twix brand and to appeal to chocolate confectionery fans who like to eat treats on the go.
The launch and roll-out has been backed by special point-of-sale materials and the firm says the new Twix-Mix single-serve size will share in the support given to the wider Twix brand, which includes a £9m media spend.
At the launch Carrie Martin, retail excellence director, Mars Chocolate UK, said: “We are delighted to be launching Twix Mix Single as a new permanent line. The new single format follows the hugely successful Twix Mix pouch that arrived on shelves last summer.”