Independents – home of Boost

Simon Gray, managing director of Boost, says that for c-stores stocking the brand’s core range it is the number two energy brand. NPD for 2014 includes three new varieties, one of which is sugar-free.

BOOST is a star brand in independents according to its brand owner, quoting a market research company that specialises in c-stores.

Recent numbers from SalesOut MAT Volume Data, which analysed Epos information from over 100,000 retail purchase points, show that where the core Boost range is stocked, it is the number two energy brand.
The company says the data uses “a robust sample, which does not include the multiples,” and therefore gives “a much more accurate view of the category” for impulse and convenience stores.
Boost managing director, Simon Gray, is pleased with the brand’s growth. “There has been a really strong performance by the core energy range which is seen as fantastic value by the consumer while yielding a strong margin for the retailer.
“This year, I am expecting to see increased demand for the 1-litre PET bottle which I feel has great potential to grow in off-licences, for example, as part of a take-home offering.”


Last year’s trade campaign – called Champion of the Independents – will continue in 2014. There are also three new Boost varieties. Sugar-Free Pink Lemonade, Citrus Zing and Exotic Fruits were added to the range after the firm completed a major consumer research exercise.
Launch offers and PMPs are available for the new flavours.
Boost claims to be the only brand that covers all three sectors of sports and energy drinks – stimulation energy, glucose, and sports/isotonic – in both plain and price-marked packs.
“This year is set to be an exciting one for Boost,” Gray said, “with many more promotions, point-of-sale and product launches planned than ever before to ensure the brand maintains its position within the impulse channel.
“This will include specific activity for both trade and consumer audiences.
“Boost is now considered a valued brand, not just a value brand, and we will continue to maintain this by offering great-tasting products at great prices.”

No Fear’s resealable can allows drinkers to pace their consumption, and carry their drink around with them.

• No Fear claims to have increased value sales by 22.7% year on year. The company puts that down to “a combination of product innovation, sponsorship of key sporting events and promotional partnerships.
“When energy drinks were first launched to the market they were targeted towards athletes but they have now moved to focus on teenagers and young adults because of their on-the-go lifestyle, which shows no sign of slowing down,” a company spokesperson said. “The customer base will continue to grow as the existing clientele ages and new young consumers are drawn to the products.”
No Fear also sees the re-sealable end on its cans as a key selling point of the product. “This allows the energy drink to be consumed at the drinker’s desired pace as well as allowing for convenient on the move consumption.”
No Fear will also continue its sponsorship of Welsh touring car driver Dave Newsham.