White bubbles … for a limited time


BUBBLE chocolate brand Aero has introduced a white vanilla flavour to its range of bars.

The brand had fans voting for their favourite flavour after trialling limited-edition white, lemon, strawberry and cappuccino flavours.
The white variant came out on top with 39% of the votes.
The Aero Bubbly White Medium bar is made of milk chocolate with a white vanilla bubbly filling. It is a limited edition and has an RRP of 62p.
James Maxton, senior corporate communications manager for Nestle in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, said: “Aero has a huge 957,000 fans on Facebook and therefore the ‘Fans Favourite Flavour’ campaign was an excellent opportunity to talk directly with them and let them tell us what they most wanted to see from the brand.
“Now fans have had their say, they will be excited to see their chosen flavour in store. As Aero Bubbly White is only available as a limited edition we recommend retailers display it off-shelf, where shoppers cannot miss it, to achieve maximum sales.”