New spin on the block


DOMESTOS launches its new take on toilet cleaning, the rotating Domestos Turbo Fresh Rim Block, this month. It is, manufacturer Unilever UK says, the first cleaning block to rotate when the toilet is flushed.

Available in two versions, Lemon and Ocean, the Domestos Turbo Fresh Rim Block spins under the pressure of the water and is intended to distribute the cleaning formula evenly around the toilet bowl.
The two parts work together to remove dirt and release a fresh fragrance and rich foam.
Clemence Brunet, assistant brand manager for Domestos, said: “As one of the best-selling toilet brands in Britain according to SIG, Domestos continues to drive innovation through unique product development. The Domestos Turbo Fresh Rim Block is a premium offering that maintains cleanliness and freshness with every flush, and taps into the main category drivers – convenience and fragrance.”