Cleaning up as grime is given the elbow

It’s the time of year when householders wash the windows, defrost the fridge, scour the oven and scrub the floors. What can you sell to help them along?

Flash Task Sprays are available for kitchens and bathrooms.

THERE is nothing like the bright light of spring to highlight the dust, stour and general grime that has accumulated over the winter months. And as householders’ minds turn to scrubbing and mopping, at least some of them are likely to be be looking for the sprays, gels, liquids and creams that make the job easier.

Helping the nation get rid of greasy marks and dangling cobwebs can be a profitable pursuit. The homecare category is worth £1.5bn at national level and, according to Flash brand owner Proctor & Gamble, it continues to grow.
Quoting Symphony research as well as Euromonitor figures Will Herbertson, P&G brand manager for homecare in the UK and the Republic of Ireland, said: “It’s an extremely diverse category, with the three biggest sectors comprising dishcare (£438m), aircare (£338m) and surface care (£320m), followed by toilet care (£188m), bleach (£87m) and polish (£78m).”
Within convenience stores, surface cleaners are worth £21.8m according to IRI, with Flash making up 31.9% of that total.
Herbertson said: “With the number of households in the UK on the rise, it’s no wonder the homecare category is enjoying solid growth. The economic climate has also impacted on our homecare spend, with people increasingly entertaining at home and generally spending more time at home.
“Household products can sometimes be a last-minute purchase, playing directly into the hands of convenience retailers. Those stores that ensure they have a well-stocked homecare aisle with key brands from leading manufacturers are in a great position to make the most of the growth opportunities available.
“Additionally, with the increasing move towards local top-up shopping and the growth of the channel overall, shoppers are increasingly looking for stores to meet their homecare product needs.”
P&G estimates that the average c-store homecare category shopper visits their local convenience store 3.9 times a week and spends £9.72 a trip. The research shows that availability and value for money are the most important factor for household shoppers, so the firm suggests retailers should stock leading brands and ensure pricing is clearly visible at all times.