PMP leads on new 500 Boost cans range

80a_0713ESTABLISHED energy drinks brand Boost is promoting a price-is-right approach to the category this summer.
Boost managing director Simon Gray said: “As a champion of the independent retail sector, price-marking forms a major part of our business and marketing strategy and will continue to do so.
“We’ve recently launched our first 500ml cans, which are only available in PMPs – priced at 89p. Boost’s aim is to price our products at a point which offers the consumer great value for money to drive sales and increase brand loyalty, whilst at the same time ensuring great profit margins for retailers.
“Price-marking provides reassurance for everyone that they are getting the best value for money at a consistent price.
“We now have nearly 20 products across the Boost Energy, Boost Active and Boost Sport ranges, making us the only brand that covers all three sectors of functional drinks – stimulation energy, glucose and sports/isotonic.”