The cold advantage

THE recession-prompted trend towards entertaining at home still presents a great opportunity for small retailers in 2013, despite an absence of sporting events on the huge scale of last year’s Olympics, argues the Budweiser brand team.
BudweiserQuoting Nielsen, it says Budweiser is the second-biggest beer brand and the number one premium lager in Scotland, and a must-stock product for retailers catering for big-night-in shoppers.
Iain Newell Budweiser’s UK marketing director said price-marked packs offer excellent sales opportunities for retailers keen to maximise profits through big-night-in sales.
“It is clear that consumers are still budgeting very carefully and perceive them as a special offer,”he said.
“Smaller retailers hold an advantage in that they are equipped to meet the need for cold beer better than most supermarkets.
“Refrigeration is also absolutely vital in ensuring that beer is as fresh as possible.
“Best known brands, such as Budweiser, should be stocked in blocks at eye level within chillers and re-stocked and rotated regularly to ensure that all units remain constantly available and adequately refrigerated.”