One stop advice shop

ZERO Waste Scotland is working with the Scottish Government to help the Energy Saving Trust provide advice to Scottish organisations on reducing energy, water and raw materials costs.

A £3m per year Scottish Government-funded contract, given to the Energy Saving Trust by Zero Waste Scotland, will be used to set up the Resource Efficient Scotland advice and support service.
The one-stop service will replace Scottish Government business and public sector advice services currently delivered by Zero Waste Scotland, Carbon Trust and Energy Saving Trust, and will be the first time advice on energy, water, materials and waste will be able to be accessed via a single service.
The telephone and web-based advice service, staffed by resource-efficiency experts, will provide free support, training and advice on access to funding.
The £3m per year contract that’s being used will form part of a wider £7m per year programme which will focus on specific resource-use “hotspots”.
Environment secretary Richard Lochhead said: “Resource Efficient Scotland will make it easier for organisations in Scotland to get help which can save them money.
“Taking simple steps to use energy, water and raw materials more efficiently could save Scottish organisations up to £2.9bn a year.”