Traditional treats move with times – J&A Ferguson’s

SWEETMAKER Golden Casket says its J&A Ferguson’s chocolates are “luxury treats” and are ideal for shoppers who are looking for something different to give as a gift.
Golden Casket acquired J&A Ferguson’s five years ago.
Last year it made changes to one of its boxes and also added some new chocolates to the range.
The chocolates are presented in retro-style white boxes with coloured ribbons. Selections include Stem Gingers, Rose & Violet Creams, and assorted fruit creams and truffles.
In December 2012, Golden Casket launched a Ultimate Deluxe box, with 12 different chocolates, including new flavours salted caramel, hazelnut gianduja, coconut cream, Turkish delight, peppermint dream and almond praline. Supporting ads had the theme, “The 12 Shades of Chocolate”.
Golden Casket says J&A Ferguson’s is Scotland’s oldest confectionery brand, dating back to 1794, and is “famous amongst chocolate connoisseurs for its hand-dipped and finished chocolates and truffles”.