Eco friendly cat litter hits the shelves

A leading wood pellet firm with a major Scottish plant has brought out a cat litter product that’s designed not just to keep pet lovers and their feline friends happy but to minimise the impact on the environment too.
Verdo Renewables Limited, part of the Danish-headquartered Verdo Group, has two production plants in the UK – in Grangemouth here in Scotland and in Andover in England.
And Verdo has just launched a wood pellet cat litter produced from 100% pure virgin softwood from FSC accredited sources.
The firm puts the UK cat population at around eight million with around 20% of UK households owning at least one cat. In Scotland the estimate is 16% of households.
The newly launched brand has already become the official cat litter of the feline charity Cats Protection. The company says that because the new litter is 100% softwood it has a natural aroma and is naturally biodegradable – so not only is it good for the nation’s cats, it’s good for the environment also.