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Saqib Sharif

Stores shift in a positive direction

THIS year may have been a bit tumultuous on an industry-wide level, but on a store-by-store basis, many retailers have made great strides in 2017.
Scotfresh uses a single supplier – Liberty Flights – for all its e-cigarettes across its store estate. Six lines account for more than 50% of sales.

Keep simple and make it visible

THE vaping market is now worth almost £160m in the UK, according to the latest findings from Nielsen, and is predicted to continue growing, but, we asked, how can c-stores ensure they get a share of this relatively new market?

New directions – Faraz Iqbal, Linktown Local Kirkcaldy

We ask some of Scotland’s young c-store retailers about their businesses and the key issues of the day. Linktown Local in Kirkcaldy has been completely...