Lonkero to take UK market by storm

Finnish gin RTD brand heads to the off-trade

A person holds a can of Lonkero with a blurred out lake in the background.
Finnish alcoholic RTD brand Lonkero is set to launch in the UK for the first time as the brand aims to offer an alternative to the standard beer and cider options this summer.

FINNISH drinks start-up Lonkero is set to launch here in the UK for the first time bringing its pint-sized gin drink to the off-trade.

Available from the brand’s website in six-packs or dozen packs, Lonkero offers consumers a mix of gin, grapefruit, soda, lime and other botanicals all in a pint-sized can.

The brand aims to offer an alternative to beers and ciders here in the UK with an ambition to capture the attention of shoppers throughout the summer months who are seeking a refreshing drinks change from the norm.

Lonkero is a brand of Finnish Long Drink – a national alcoholic drink from Finland made from citrus flavours and liquor – and has an ABV of 5.5% per pint can.

Retailers interested in stocking the Lonkero range of packs can fill out a request form via the Lonkero website.

Joe Harris, co-founder & director of Lonkero, said: “We are delighted with the launch of our brand Lonkero, or as we call it ‘The Long Finnish’.

“We spotted a gap in the market for consumers who sought a pint-sized, refreshing alternative to beer or cider.

“We knew we had something special with Lonkero, but to see this support from venues, partners and customers is incredible.

“Our team can’t wait to see the Lonkero word spread across the UK this summer.”