Fox’s Burton’s Companies ties up with Nerds

FBC heads up exclusive distribution of US candy

Pack shot of Nerds Candy Fruits.
Fox’s Burton’s Companies has announced it has the exclusive distribution of Ferrera Candy Company brand Nerds in the UK & Ireland.

SWEET biscuit baker Fox’s Burton’s Companies (FBC) UK has announced its new partnership with Ferrara Candy Company as the sole importer of Nerds Candy in the UK.

With Ferrera driving a great deal of growth for the confectionery market in the US over the last year – according to Circana data – FBC aims to mimic this with consumers by driving up the fruity candies here in the UK and Ireland.

Through this exclusive partnership, FBC will head up the sole distribution of the US candy brand and, in the coming weeks, will bring to the market some “game-changing” confectionery innovations for retailers to stick their teeth into. These will officially land for the first time in the UK & Ireland via wholesalers including Booker and Bestway.

The Nerds Candy brand first kicked off in 1983 and has since built itself up as a “fun and quirky” brand, says FBC. And the brand has already performed well here in the UK, with NielsenIQ research stating it has outperformed the total UK non-chocolate confectionery market with annual sales reaching £6.7million.

A spokesperson for FBC UK said: “Ferrara, the world’s number one candy business has driven the largest amount of growth in sugar confectionery in the US market over the last year.

“The company now moves to unlock growth in this category for retailers in the UK and Ireland by launching new products and leveraging the new route to market via FBC UK.

“As the Nerds Candy continues to gain distribution within the UK & Ireland markets, leveraging the highs seen over the 2023 Christmas period, there has never been a better time to both unleash your senses and win within the Sugar Confectionery space.”